I watched you burn away, in a place and time so far removed from today. I heard you say that nothing lasts forever but the memories we've made along the way, but I can still see your face. As clear and ever present as the moment that they took you away. It was a feeling that I could never shake. A constant reminder of what's gone and can never be replaced. I tried to tell myself that it was just your time. I tried to focus on your life, but it's your absence that defines who I've become now. An empty shell of the person that I was. Still holding on to shadows. Still staring at the sun.

In a place and time so far removed from today, I watched you burn away. Burn away.

I saw you sitting there alone in that chair in your moment of surrender. You could barely speak a word, but I remember how you told me that you were so scared. Not of death, but of leaving us alone in this world unprepared to face the idea of a life lived without you. The weight of it all... I don't know if I know how to.

I believe that a piece of you lives on in every piece of me. You're never truly gone as long as we continue to breathe. I can see your face in the crashing of the waves; hear your voice in the wind in the trees. You couldn't stay. Just like the setting sun we're all meant to burn away.

I watched you burn away. Burn away. Burn away. Burn away. Burn away. Burn away. Burn away.

Burn. Away.

You couldn't stay.

But I’m learning how to let you burn away...


from you couldn't stay, track released August 19, 2016
Recorded October 2015 at Labyrinth Audio, Billerica, MA
Engineered by: Keith Gentile and Nick Twohig
Assistant engineered by:
Daniel P. Nahkoul
Mixed and mastered by:
Mike Watts of Vudu Studios
All songs written by:
Richie Downs, Andrew Castellucci,
Jim Nichols, Nicholas Angelo, and Nick Twohig
All songs copyright



all rights reserved


At the Heart of it Manchester, New Hampshire

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