We watched your innocence slowly slip away, swallowed by the sea. Taken from us well before your time. Ripped from your friends, your family and your life. I need to know what was going through your head as you were letting go. I can't imagine what it must've felt like to feel so empty, vacant and alone.

But we look away. It's so much easier to stay in that place between asleep and awake, than it is to admit to our own mistakes. I see your life next to mine like a shadow, cast. Every detail of your body dressed in shades of blue and black. An outline standing fast, unmistakable against the backdrop of the sea.

An unyielding monument to all the ways that this world failed you.

Carried away by the swell and the break of the sea, further from us as the tide recedes. I watched you sink beneath the waves. Your only chance to leave this place behind (you were swept away). You never had the chance to live your life. Taken from us before your time. Swept away.

Are we all just swept away? Without a face? without a name? Never feeling safe in your own skin. Abandoned by the ones you loved the most at the very moment that you chose to let them in. And everything you were, or would ever be, soon after swallowed by the sea.

You were swallowed by the sea. We tried to find a way to bury our mistakes but nothing seems to change. It always ends the same we're all just swept away by the currents.

You can't just bury the past. It always ends the same. We're all just swept away.


from you couldn't stay, track released August 19, 2016
Recorded October 2015 at Labyrinth Audio, Billerica, MA
Engineered by: Keith Gentile and Nick Twohig
Assistant engineered by:
Daniel P. Nahkoul
Mixed and mastered by:
Mike Watts of Vudu Studios
All songs written by:
Richie Downs, Andrew Castellucci,
Jim Nichols, Nicholas Angelo, and Nick Twohig
All songs copyright



all rights reserved


At the Heart of it Manchester, New Hampshire

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